The partnership between MPPC and Habitat El Salvador is about more than just building homes, but instead forming and maintaining relationships with our neighbors all over the world and discovering common ground through our Christian faith. Since 2010, MPPC disciples have traveled to El Salvador to work with members of the local community to build homes and hope. “Members of MPPC have served, led, dreamed, built, and nurtured our relationship with Getsemaní and the surrounding communities for many years,” says Kendall Jones who has served on the El Salvador Mission Team for many years. This week, she along with ten other MPPC disciples will travel back to El Salvador to build a home in the Getsemaní community. Kendall believes in the power of this ministry and its importance to the life of our church. She feels that by accepting the call to serve in El Salvador, disciples gain a chance to get out of their comfort zone, rediscover what is important and forge new friendships through shared experiences. “There is so much fear these days of the unknown and of those different from us,” she says. “Connecting, learning, listening, and trusting our partners and friends in El Salvador helps us step into the shoes of others and lessens the fear and the divide.”

In addition to building a home, members of the team with medical and dental backgrounds will also serve in the Casa de Salud (the House of Health). Begun in 2014 with support from this congregation, Casa de Salud is staffed by a part-time physician Dr. Edgar, a nurse, and a new dentist, Dr. Elsy. During the week, patients arrive and, for a marginal cost, receive medical services ranging from general health care to rehabilitation, to tooth extractions. The clinic serves not only immediate medical concerns, but also runs fully enrolled sexual education classes for youth in the community. Dr. Edgar is well versed in public health issues that directly impact the Getsemaní community and has advocated with local officials for change to improve the health and well-being of the community he loves. The Casa de Salud is a hub of activity that now serves several communities, is governed by local representatives, and remains an integral part of MPPC’s ministry in El Salvador. “For me, experiencing mission in El Salvador is a reset and a chance to reconnect with the endearing co-op ladies, joy-filled children, Dr. Edgar, and his precious family, and our compassionate Habitat El Salvador partners,” Kendall adds.

For Kendall, there is no question serving on the El Salvador team is a truly transformative experience. She cites a quote from author Mary Anne Radmacher that perfectly describes her experience: “I am not the same having seen the moon shine on the other side of the world.” Kendall and the El Salvador team asks for prayers and support as they travel this week. “Please lift our friends and partners in El Salvador, in particular, the tireless, dedicated health professionals working in the Casa de Salud,” says Kendall. “For our mission team, we ask for prayers of peace, energy, transformation, renewal, and gratitude.”

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