In the field of medicine, healing of the body is the most important focus, yet rarely is spiritual care given the same consideration for effective cure. Faith Community Nursing (formerly Parish Nursing) is a nationally endorsed nursing practice and an extension of the church’s ministry towards health and wholeness. MPPC has been committed to this work for many years, having had a Faith Community Nurse on staff for the past eleven years. When one takes on the role of a Faith Community Nurse the goal is to combine the practice of nursing with the intentional care of the spirit.

Marina Luckhoo serves in a variety of roles as the Faith Community Nurse for MPPC. “I have the privilege of ministering to the whole person, body, mind, and spirit, companioning towards health and wellbeing,” says Marina. She also serves with other ministries of the church as a health resource, advocate, educator, referral agent, facilitator, and counselor. Her commitment to this work stems from her passion for healthcare and her own experiences of being hospitalized as a child. “I have clear memories of the fear and vulnerability of being ill, not knowing the people around me or understanding what was happening,” she says. “My hope in nursing is to make a difference, to promote wellness and healing, even when there is no cure.” What Marina enjoys most about working with MPPC members is their commitment to living out their faith, and spreading the love of Christ into the world.

Of all of her responsibilities, Marina cites obeying the call to serve as the most important. She views it as an expression of love for God and neighbor. “It is a privilege to serve this congregation and community as FCN, to be a presence during seasons of change and to participate in God’s transforming work,” she says. “My hope is that we will each know the fullness of living promised by Jesus, ‘I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly,’” (John 10:10).

To speak with Marina about your healthcare needs, please contact her at 704.927.1252 or