Along with the clergy, the people behind the scenes in finance, food services, communications, and administration are an integral part of what keeps MPPC running. In the past few months, we have added several new staff members in various roles who are helping the business functions of the church to run smoother and more efficiently. One of the reasons there is an increase in our 2019 budget is the wonderful addition of Cameron Moore. Cameron is the Coordinator for Contemporary Worship and Arts, and this role is an expansion on the previous Celebrate Music Coordinator where he will be working 30 hours a week. “In my role, I collaborate with our pastors and worship staff to nurture our worshiping community here, and supporting the church with my creativity and other experiences,” says Cameron. One way he plans on doing this is by putting together a youth band, and incorporating other means of music and art throughout the church.

Celebrate is the primary worship experience for 40% of the congregation, with music being an essential element to the worship experience. “The opportunity to call a gifted person like Cameron to lead us in this service was a gift from God, and we could not have drawn a candidate like Cameron without expanding the role,” says Joe Clifford, Pastor of MPPC. “By expanding the role, Cameron is able to be much more invested in worship planning, contributing his ideas and deepening the Celebrate experience.” “Cameron’s passion for worship and arts allows the church to provide contemporary worship leadership more broadly to include creating a youth band, supporting church-wide events and using his creativity to incorporate the arts into worship experiences at MPPC,” adds Lynn Williams, HR Director. Cameron’s expertise will allow the church to continue to serve the congregation in all areas of worship.

Our proposed Personnel budget for 2019 is approximately $3.3 million, or 53% of our total proposed budget of $6.2 million. Your financial contributions make this possible. Thank you to all who have made their pledges. If you have not done so, you can place them in the offering plate, or make them online at myersparkpres.org/pledge.