Myers Park Presbyterian has a long history of serving alongside our neighbors both at home and abroad from Congo to Cuba. MPPC’s annual budget includes $1.63 million to support Outreach activities, staff and support (including personnel and facilities), including $692,000 given to our Outreach programs and partners. Making up 27% of the total annual budget, this funding directly supports 22 local partners addressing issues from homelessness to literacy all over our city, and seven international partners on three continents. On this Global Mission Sunday, we celebrate the partnership with our current global ministries and the 800 outreach disciples at work in our local community and around the world. For more information on how to get involved, click here or contact one of the Ministry Team Leaders below:

Congo Ministry Team Leader:

Millie Cox | milliedcox@gmail.com

Cuba Ministry Team Leaders:

Jannica Greife | jannica@greife.us

Linda DeCastrique | lsdecastrique@yahoo.com

El Salvador-Habitat for Humanity Ministry Team Leaders:

Kendall Jones | kendallbjones@me.com

Charlie Shaffner | charlieshaffner@gmail.com

Laura Monk | lpmonk@mac.com

Lindsay Griffin | lindsaygriffin@mac.com

El Salvador – World Vision Ministry Team Leaders:

Daniel Lafar | daniel@lafar.com

Virginia Lafar | virginia@lafar.com

Hungary Ministry Team Leaders:

Carol Spain | spaincdn@earthlink.net

Trudy Mills | trudy.mills@charlottecountryday.org

Refugee Ministry Team Leader:

Taylor Stukes | taylorstukes@gmail.com

Uganda Ministry Team Leaders:

Kathleen Hinrichs | kmhinrichs@me.com

Matt Efrid | mefird@robinsonbradshaw.com