Facilities are arguably the backbone of this church. MPPC spends $305,000 annually for the cost of upkeeping the facilities and maintenance. To maintain the lights, water, and other utilities costs an additional $248,000 annually. However, none of this matters as much as the dedicated team of facilities staff that make it all possible. What would the day to day operation of this church look like without the dedicated work of Dennis, Freddie, Roger, David, Bridget, and Latricia?

Montray Porter is the newest member to the facilities team, but he’s no stranger to MPPC. Montray was heavily involved with the Youth ministry here during school and has actively participated in several mission trips including Cuba and Montreat. Montray’s addition to staff came at just the right time according to Dennis. “We were short-handed, and I was glad Montray showed up because it made it a lot easier…it made my job easier anyway” Dennis jokes. “It’s a lot of hard work, and a lot of dedication, but in the end, if you do the hard work you are accomplishing something,” Montray says.

One of the most important things about being on the facilities staff is the opportunity to engage with so many different disciples in every ministry area. On any given day, the facilities staff can be found setting up rooms for meetings, turning over Oxford Hall for worship or performing any number of tasks around campus. “In a way, my work is a part of all the other work of the church, and it is inspiring,” Montray says.

It has taken MPPC ten years since the financial crisis to bring the budget back to where it was in 2008. Did you know that the annual operating budget funds all the activities of the church from worship services, children and youth programs, outreach ministries, clergy and personnel costs, and the upkeep of our beautiful campus? The church depends on your pledges to support God’s work in our community of faith and by giving to God through MPPC, you are making a difference in the lives of so many.