The general concept of the Youth Class Ambassadors is that each grade has four to five youth that are invited to be Ambassadors. They work to create a culture of welcome at Youth Group and Class Dinners. Davis Cooke is a rising 8th grader and has been an Ambassador for the class of 2023 for the past two years. We asked Davis a few questions about what it means to be a part of this awesome ministry:

  • What does it mean to be a Youth Ambassador?

I think being a Youth Ambassador means that I get the chance to be more than just a part of the MPPC youth. It means that I get to be a leader in a way for the younger youth, helping to create a culture of welcome.

  • Why is this ministry so important?

I think this ministry is so important because middle school is hard and it’s important for youth to know that God is on their side and with them, no matter what.

  • What’s one thing being a Youth Ambassador has taught you?

One thing I have learned from my experience as a Youth Ambassador is to be myself and encourage others to be themselves because God loves us for who we are.

  • How are you spreading God’s love through serving your fellow youth?

I feel I’m spreading God’s love through being active in other people’s lives and welcoming; helping others feel comfortable at youth events and even outside of church.

  • What do you want to say to the rising 6th-grade class?

Welcome! You’re going to love Youth Group-it’s a blast. Our leaders are awesome and so are all the events and trips. The more you get involved, the more fun you’re going to have, and the closer to God you will get.