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Make an impact and help a child strengthen their reading skills!

Why this matters

The story of Myers Park Presbyterian Church and Billingsville-Cotswold Elementary is one of partnership focusing on helping all children to succeed. While in the midst of a global pandemic, this is more important than ever.

Reading proficiently by the third grade is a critical predictor of future school and career success. That is why we are joining Read Charlotte in their goal that 80% of students will be reading proficiently by the third grade by 2025. Disciples are needed to serve as literacy tutors to help achieve this goal.



Reading Proficiency Goal

If we don’t:
Third graders who are reading below grade level are four times more likely to drop out of high school. The social mobility (The movement of individuals, families, households, within or between social strata in a society) decreases or stays the same, contributing to generational poverty.

If we do:
96% of students who are reading at grade level by the 3rd grade graduate from high school on time. The social mobility in Charlotte improves and our whole community is uplifted. 

Thank you for your interest in becoming a literacy tutor at Billingsville-Cotswold Elementary School! There are 2 ways to get involved outlined below, including links to the various virtual and in-person ways to participate safely in the midst of remote learning. 

Please note: In addition to signing up with a specific program (HELPS or A.L.P), all volunteers must register on the CMS website. New volunteers register for the first time and returning volunteers renew their volunteer status.

HELPS Tutor  Helping Early Literacy with Practice Strategies (HELPS) is an evidence-based program proven to improve children’s reading fluency. Reading fluency is connected to improved comprehension and overall reading achievement. Traditionally, tutors work with second graders at the Billingsville campus from 1-2 p.m. or with third graders at the Cotswold campus from 9-10 a.m. 

However, due to the pandemic all CMS schools are operating remotely, including Billingsville Cotswold. Virtual education is not slowing HELPS Tutoring down one bit! HELPS is looking for new and past volunteers to help reach their goal of serving 600 students this year. Tutors will work with students via Zoom throughout the school year with in-person options possible in the future. 

The commitment for tutors is attending a 3-hour training and then tutoring one hour a week through the school year. Training and tutoring will begin on a rolling start date throughout the Fall. Reach out to MPPC member Meredith Long at BCEMinistry@gmail.com with any questions.

To sign up for training, click the link below. Make sure you indicate you are part of the “Myers Park Presbyterian” group.

Augustine Literacy Project  This program is focused on 1st and 2nd graders who are further behind in reading at their grade level. The commitment for ALP includes a week-long in-depth training, $250 for materials and then 30 minutes of tutoring twice a week throughout the school year. (Assistance is available to help with the $250 materials fee.) Traditionally, tutoring is usually Tuesday – Thursday in the early afternoon. The students are tested for their reading level in mid-September and tutoring usually starts around the first of October. 

During these unprecedented times, ALP will host the 5-day training classes virtually. Tutoring 1st- 3rd grade students will also occur virtually. Click the link below for more information on training and virtual tutoring this school year.

Want to talk more about which program may be the best fit?

Email our MPPC Billingsville-Cotswold Ministry Team at BCEMinistry@gmail.com

The MPPC Billingsville-Cotswold Ministry Team Leaders are:

Woodie Robinson, Meredith Long, and Becky Abernethy