The past few days in Chicago have been full of amazing opportunities to work together and explore our surroundings. This week we have challenged our youth to take notice and observe who and what is around them. Here are a few thoughts from our youth so far:

“Chicago is clean and loud, but it’s a lot less crowded than NYC. You can actually move around here.” – Cooper Lamm

“Chicago is fun, exciting and a great place for friends!” – Covington Cook

“It’s interesting seeing how different people live and how the city is still so divided like in Charlotte between poor, middle and upper class.” – Zachariah Turner

“So far the trip has opened my eyes to how being homeless can really effect your life. It’s been a great experience to bond with my church family and meet new people and make friends.” – James Young

“There are so many people that are less fortunate in the city which I wasn’t expecting.” – Avery Peacock

“When working with the people here, I have to remind myself that I’m working for others and it’s not about me. It’s about teamwork and you can’t do anything without your team.” – Lauren Wallace

“Seeing the difference from the Northside and Southside of the city and meeting all the different kinds of people. Everyone has been really nice.” – Alexandria Brown

“I’ve never seen anywhere like the south side before. It’s really eye opening. It feels really good knowing that I’m helping make a difference in peoples lives by the work we are doing with others.” – Ava Gerard