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While the general perception of missionary work is all about performing environmental stewardship such as constructing churches or schools, the Cuba Mission at Myers Park Presbyterian is more about building a faith community. After an initial visit to Cuba in 2004 traveling with other churches from the U.S., the Cuba Mission Team from Myers Park Presbyterian identified a church in the town of Remedios that was in need. What initially began as an invitation to visit quickly turned into a full-fledged relationship rooted in faith and love with the community in Remedios.

This partnership has expanded to the youth of MPPC as well, who have built a compelling relationship with the church in Remedios’ vibrant children and youth ministry. Every other year the youth of MPPC spend a week in Remedios and Havana exploring what it means to be evangelists, reaching out to the community in love and hospitality. On this journey, youth have a historic opportunity to enjoy traditional and modern Cuban culture as well, exploring Old Havana, beautiful beaches, and more. The youth learn from Cuban pastors, artists, students, teachers, and others who yearn for a meaningful exchange of faith and worldviews.

The youth who attend reflect on the trip to Cuba as a life-changing experience that brings them not only closer to God but to the world around them. “My Cuban family taught me what it means to love one another and to create the Kingdom of God on Earth, in every moment of my life,” says Liz Corsig one of the youths who participated in last year’s Cuba trip. “There is not a day that goes by that I do not think of them”. The youth continually keep in contact with their Cuban family, writing notes to them and praying for each other as well. “I believe our trip to Cuba is important for our life,” says Camden Thomas-Bush. “I have connected with my church, prayer and my faith family after Cuba and am not taking any of that for granted”.

This year a team of 18 youth and adults will spend Holy Week and Easter morning with our brothers and sisters in Cuba. Your offering will help support leadership training for our partner church but also help our youth discover new ways of loving God and loving their neighbor. The next Cuba trip will take place December of 2019.