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Uganda Team

Myers Park Presbyterian Church has a long-standing partnership with our sister congregations and partners in Africa. Following the conclusion of our partnership with the church in Malawi, Matt Efird and Kathleen Hinrichs (who served as Ministry leaders for the Malawi team for several years) began discerning new opportunities to serve and engage in Africa.  It was during this time they learned of the Bududa community in Uganda, and last February they traveled with a team of disciples to Uganda to learn more about the community and the Bududa Learning Center. “The exploratory team found it to be an incredibly enriching and humbling experience that we wanted to share with other disciples at MPPC,” says Matt. After a prayerful discerning process including presenting to the Session, MPPC voted to move forward and begin partnering with the Bududa Learning Center. Matt and Kathleen are co-chairing this ministry team and have been so grateful for the level of support and interest from the congregation.

The Bududa Learning Center supports basic needs of children during their formative years and uses education to alleviate poverty through its job skills training programs at the Bududa Vocational Academy and its orphan support programs through Children of Bududa. “Although we will find opportunities to help this Ugandan community with our financial resources, the main intent of this new ministry is to create a relational partnership that not only makes a difference in Uganda, but also to MPPC members,” Kathleen says. The Uganda committee voted to provide financial support for four orphan students, and eight MPPC members will be going to Uganda this month to support teachers in the vocational academy and continue to build relationships with students and faculty.

“God’s light shines so brightly in these people because, in the midst of their struggle and hardships, they continue to show up, they continue to be thankful, and they continue to have faith,” says Kathleen. This partnership offers members of MPPC opportunities to engage in a transformational ministry that can broaden and deepen our church’s collective understanding of the global Christian community and the lives and faiths of our brothers and sisters in Christ in Uganda. “The need in Uganda is overwhelming, but so are the faith and resiliency of the people there,” adds Matt.

To learn more about the Uganda Ministry Team and the Bududa Learning Center contact Kathleen Hinrichs at kmhinrichs@me.com or Matt Efird at mefird@robinsonbradshaw.com.