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The Tapestry Ministry at Myers Park Presbyterian serves tweens and teens with disabilities by providing them with programs and opportunities to grow and engage with others. One such program is the monthly movie night hosted the first Friday of each month. Throughout the school year, participants come for two hours to watch a family-friendly movie, enjoy popcorn and visit with friends. It is a relaxed night filled with lots of laughter and fellowship.

As Coordinator of Tapestry Ministry, Adelaide Spizer gathers and organizes trained volunteers to “chaperone” participants each month, communicates with parents, and ensures that events run smoothly. “There are a lot of moving parts, and my main goal is to ensure that these teens are happy and having fun and that their parents get a little break,” she says. A former Special Education teacher, Adelaide says working with special needs teens is her life’s passion. After leaving work upon the birth of her first child over six years ago, she found herself missing her work dearly, prompting her to join Tapestry last year. By joining Tapestry, Adelaide has found a way to rekindle her passion. “This ministry was a perfect fit for me, and I feel very blessed to have been asked to lead it,” she says. “This group is joyous and kind, and I am very proud to be a part of it.

The love of God is abundant within this ministry according to Adelaide. She sees the way Tapestry brings children and families together; lessening the differences between us. “He is in every smile and every hug. He teaches us acceptance, patience, generosity,” she says. Adelaide’s main goal for Tapestry is to spread awareness within the church about its programs to tap into even more resources and groups than before. “We learn that the simple gifts in life are the best ones. To be thankful, to serve others with positivity. That is understanding the true meaning of His love.”

To get involved with Tapestry, please contact Adelaide at adelaidespizer@gmail.com.