Ministry Spotlight: Alexander Youth Network

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Alexander Youth Network

This week we also highlight Alexander Youth Network. Alexander Youth Network (AYN) provides quality professional treatment to children with serious emotional and behavioral problems across the state. Their various services and programs enable children and their families to exercise self-determination, achieve their potential, and become positive contributors to society.

“Many of the children served at Alexander have never had enough. Not enough love, food, shelter, and safety,” says Katy Bullock, Vice President of Alexander Children’s Foundation. “For varied reasons, relationships with the adults in their lives have not been positive. That’s where Alexander comes in. We provide a safe space for children to heal and learn how to trust again” she says.

Unlike other mental health providers, AYN offers a full continuum of care – meaning that a child has a treatment team of caring adults that stay with them throughout the healing process.

“Fellow MPPC member, Joe Helweg, introduced me to AYN. I admittedly didn’t know much at all about AYN, but by the time I left the campus that day I was all in,” says Chuck Price who serves on the Board of Advisors at Alexander Youth Network. “Mental illness does not discriminate. Rich or poor, one in every ten children struggles with a mental health issue that requires treatment. Some might just see an ‘unruly kid,’ but the problem often goes much, much deeper,” he says.

Alexander Youth Network envisions a future free of mental health stigma where every child can get the care they need. In 2016 alone, AYN served more than 8,700 children across 64 counties.

“AYN has helped me better understand Christ’s command in Matthew 25 to care for the ‘least of these’” Chuck says. “Whether [their condition] stems from poverty, abuse, neglect or just genetics, these children all deserve the opportunity to live full lives.”

For more information on how to get involved, visit or contact:

Katy Bullock
Vice President, Alexander Children’s Foundation